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Added on December 8th, 2005: - Cruising on a budget.

I know what you're thinking, Stelios has enough money to run his own campaign and doesn't need the free promotion on Travel Notes, especially as a featured site.

Well, easyCruise have been running campaigns on Travel Notes and other travel websites and they're about to take their campaign to the US media; expect to see a confrontational advertisement in The Miami Herald (traditional cruise departure port) on the 11th of December.

The advertising points out that easyCruise is a pleasant alternative to dancing in tacky ballrooms at night in the company of old age pensioners, although the ads are careful to point out that any similarity with Carnival ships is purely coincidental!

Now that's out of the way, back to why we think this site is an important featured site. You, the consumer, can get to cruise in The Caribbean for less than the price of a winter coat (flights excluded).

We like Stelios' style, his unashamed love of self-promotion (often made easier by his mega-rich rivals crying to the courts when they feel that their extortionate profits could take a dive), and most of all.... his service to the public - by saving them money. Lot's of money.

Caribbean Cruises From $16 Per Night:
Cruise in The Caribbean for less than the price of a winter coat.

And get this, the easyGroup still make a profit.

The easyCruise Website

The front page of the easyCruise website loads with one map of The Caribbean and another of the French and Italian Riviera. Clicking on either map takes you to the same booking page, so we've taken a screenshot of the booking page.

While the primary reason of the booking page is to book a cruise, this is also the page with essential navigation to other parts of the site.

Book Now:
Cruise bookings can be made in English, French, Spanish, German or Italian.

Cruises are available in The Caribbean (until April) and from May to October you can choose to cruise along the French and Italian Riviera.

Payments for the cruise are accepted in Euros, British pounds or US dollars.

Our Itineraries:
I keep calling it a budget cruise but you might like to think of easyCruise as a floating hotel with free transportation while you sleep.

As the quarters are fairly cramped, lets call it a couchette on sea.

You can join and depart the ship at any stage of the itinerary, provided you spend a minimum of 2 nights (maximum 14 nights) aboard the ship.

Cruise around the Caribbean visiting Barbados, St Vincent, Martinique, The Grenadines, Grenada and St Lucia.Caribbean Itineraries.

The ship stays in Barbados for two days and nights (Saturday and Sunday) to maximise the flexibility of catching a suitable flight in and out of the island.

Suggested itineraries are seven-day round trips; to the islands on the circuit with an international airport (flights to The Caribbean are not included).

So if you can't make it to Barbados for a weekend departure, you could embark at Martinique (Tuesdays), Grenada (Thursdays) or St. Lucia (Fridays).

Budget cruising made easy along the French and Italian Riviera with easyCruise.comFrench & Italian Riviera itineraries.

In the summer, easyCruiseOne stays in port until 4am, so you can go out and spend the money you saved; in the casinos.

While seven-day itineraries are suggested for The Caribbean (as charter flights usually work to seven-day schedules) in Mediterranean Europe it's a lot easier to pop down to the south of France for a few days (on easyJet to Nice of course) and do Nice (Fridays), Cannes (Saturdays), St. Tropez (Sundays) and Monaco (Mondays).

Portofino, Italy - one of easyCruiseOne's ports of call.
Portofino - Courtesy of easyGroup.

If you want to make a week of it and continue cruising across into Italy, you'll also visit Genoa (Tuesdays), Portofino (Wednesdays) and Imperia (Thursdays) for a trip to San Remo.

Then the ship cruises back to Nice.

Our Destinations:
This part of the easyCruise website links to travel information about the easyCruiseOne's ports of call and of course to easy port maps and directions.

Our Ships:
Well, currently it's just the one.... easyCruiseOne.

Anyway, until there are more tangerines floating around on the high seas you can find out more about the cabins and on-board facilities of easyCruiseOne and view a photo gallery of promotional images.

About Us:
This section includes customer support telephone numbers; which I didn't use so I can't tell you how long it actually takes to talk to a person.

The latest stories floating about concerning easyCruise, the easyGroup and competitors who are getting a little sea-sick by Stelios' promotional antics and under-cutting practises. Keep it up!

Forget about entering the caption competition (easyMobile vs Orange), to win a Caribbean Cruise, it's already been won.

Don't send us an orange lifeboat - we'll sue you!
Congratulations to Mr J. Curran from Manchester!

My Information:
The password protected area for customer accounts and profiles.

There's also a section for Travel Agents to earn 5% commissions and a helpful collection of Frequently Asked Questions.

In Summary:
If you've often though about taking a cruise in The Caribbean or along the Riviera but have been put off by the prices or think that cruises are for older folk, think again.

If you don't mind cramped conditions (or the colour orange) and look at the cruise ship as just a floating hotel that takes you to the next port of call, then is the website for you.

Currently the easyCruise prices can't be beat and if you're flexible with your dates you can secure the cheapest prices for the cruise you choose.


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